New beginner belly dance classes with Lina!

Learning belly dance is fun and exciting.

An amazing personal makeover experience welcoming women of any age, size or shape!

with this centuries old art form you will improve muscle tone, increase flexibility, achieve better posture and a new sense of confidence and self-expression.

It helps you to rediscover and enjoy the power of femininity. 

Classes for beginners
My Beginner classes are suitable for those with little or no belly dance knowledge. 
Please note it does not require any prior dance experience. 
We start with a proper warm-up it helps to become more deeply attuned to the spirit of music and dance.
You will be introduced to the fundamentals of belly dance technique and posture. 
We will learn and practice some different steps and combinations step-by-step.

After the cool-down  stretches we have a dance-based game or relaxation.

Time table, Prices, F.A.Q'S

                      One ticket valid for 3 times is 24 euros
                                     (one class= one hour)

                     For further information please contact me at: maltadance@gmail.com 

schedule and more information:
at *news*


Frequently asked Questions.

What should i wear for class? Do i need any particular costume to bring?

You should wear something that makes you fell comfortable and allows you to move and the instructor to see your movements easily . I would recommend yoga, jazz pants or leggings and close fitting top. If you prefer you can bring flexible soled dance shoes or belly dance shoes/ sandals, ballet practice shoes. 
Actually I wear socks....  :) 
So you don't have to invest in pricey dance shoes if you don't have any...
I would highly recommend to brig a hip scarf  around your waist. It helps you to see and feel  the movement as you develop them, it gives you confidence.  

How long does it take to learn belly dance?

Well it is a difficult one...  Many people have asked me before. 
This is a very important question, lots of beginners want to know the answer.
The answer to this depends on a lot of variables that factor to learn any new skills, such as attitude, desire, motivation, talent, work ethic, past experience, etc.
Some of the beginners (just like me in the beginning many years ago  :)) have to focus and practice more to learn new movements, combinations, etc.
There will be many new things to learn. You won't learn them all in one week! 
Please be patient with yourself! 
Two things is for sure, You will dance on your first lesson and i am always happy to help you!

How long does it take to be a professional?

Becoming a professional dancer generally requires many years intensive and dedicated study to get the skills to perform or teach.

Am i too old, young, thin, fat, short, tall, etc to dance?.

 Belly dance for all ages, shapes. ( eye/hair colors :))

Ok, but i have never danced before and feel a little shy to learn to dance. Will i make myself stupid?

 Definitely not! Every body who starts to dance in the same position. 
Even the top professional dancers had to start somewhere. 
 Don't feel shy! Every body has two left feet in the beginning.. .

I prefer private classes. Do you offer private classes?

Yes, you can take private classes/ workshops. If you interested feel free to contact me! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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