2012. szeptember 10., hétfő

Welcome to Oriental Dance Malta!

My Name is Fanni Kiss - the audience knows me as Lina. I'm a hungarian oriental dancer, performer and instructor currently based in Malta. I've been dancing for the past 10 years in Hungary, Greece, Australia, Austria and the UK.


I started to learn oriental dance at Yasmina's studio in Budapest in 2002. She's a well known dancer and her studio was one of the most popular at the time in Hungary - many talented soloists came from there. In the beginning dance was just a hobby for me: I wanted to make new friends and spend time doing something creative and exciting after school. The dance classes gave me so much joy and energy and the experience of learning this beautiful art form made me feel happy and confident. I realized that i never wanted to stop dancing and I want to spend every moment to learn.
I continued dancing at Mercedes Nieto's dance school in 2003. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to take her classes and learn so many beautiful movements, choreographies and styles.
Besides Mercedes's classes i developed my knowledge by private classes and workshops of foreign master teachers.


2004        I was the winner of the first national Junior Championship.

2005       I took the 1 st. prize at Arabian Nights (organized by Art Of Orient) at Level 1 category.
(I was judged by foreign master teachers such as Hadia from Canada or Momo Kadous from Egypt.)

2007       I won the first national Nefertiti competition; it was my first success in a professional category.
2007       I won the professional category of the Raqs Sharki National Oriental Dance Competition.
(This Competition is the most important event the highlight of the year for the contestants.)
I also won the 2nd. prize with Luca Hajnoczy in duo category.
The Nymph Oriental Dance Company (which Mercedes created and I was a member of) also won at this competition for the best choreography.

2011   Finalist of the 'Shimmy in the City" Dance Festival Croydon,UK 


2005  I was invited to perform at "The Gala Of The Winners"
2005 summer performances with Moulin Rouge 

2007 I was involved in a dance theatre performance called Entransz
2007 I was working in Crete, Greece in Santan Oriental Cafe
2007 I was Invited to perform at SouthEast festival. Where I had opportunity to work famous musicians.
(Khalifa Band)
2007 I traveled to Cairo to attend to Nile Group festival to take classes and perform.

2008 I moved to Sydney, Australia.
I was the surprise performer The gala dinner of the Middle Easter Dance Festival. 
This time i worked at popular restaurant in Sydney such as Al- Mustafa and El-phoenician.

2009 I was one of the guest performers and master teachers at The Middle Easter Dance Festival.
This festival (organized by Leoni Sukan) is Australia's longest established and most popular dance event.
I must thank  the belly dance community in Australia. They treated me as an old friend of theirs with love and respect. 

2009 I moved back to Hungary. 

2010 I opened my dance school called Talisman studio.

2011 May I organized my first dance event called First Flame.
My student had opportunity to perform the choreographies of the dance school and perform as soloists. 
Hungarian master teachers and performers also appeared at this event such as Nabilah , Luca Hajnoczy,  Sofia Balogh Szilvia Jakubovics.

2011 After The First  Flame event, I moved to the UK and in the autumn I joined the simmy in the city dancefestival and competition.

2012 Spring I moved to Malta.

Right now i am looking forward to open the new talisman dance school and continue my work :)

I am glad to say that, I had the great opportunity to work  with  amazing dancers such as Amira Balkis from Greece and Tatiana Gomez from Columbia.