History Of Dance

History of belly dance.


The true history of belly dance is a much debated topic between dancers, fans and experts… 
The reason probably this is the oldest dance form and it has many mixtures of styles and different origins.
There are some popular theories of origin.
One of the most popular is that it was a religious dance. 
Some people believe that it descended from early Egyptian dances or from the migration of gypsies from India.
An other theory says it was a traditional birthing practice to help to ease the pain of child birth.

Belly dance in America

Belly dance firs came to America in 1983 When “Little Egypt" performed at Chicago World’s Fair. Americans were shocked by the music and movements. it was something completely different of their culture. 
Feeling the approaching craze Hollywood started to create costumes and Movies inspired by The Middle-East and their dance. Many dancers in the past became real stars because of Hollywood and the fantastic movies they were in. During the 1940’s 50’s Cairo was the cultural center of the Middle Eastern entertainment.

Most famous dancers of the past

A nice video mix of legends here


Tahia Karioka:

Samia Gamal

Naima Akef

Old (Movie) Posters/pictures

Belly dance today is one of the most popular art form and enjoyed throughout the world. There are many talented soloist  and famous companies/groups.

Some of my favourite performers.

( Egypt)


Amira Balkis

 Mercedes Nieto

Luca Hajnoczy

Anna Borisova

Orit Mafstir

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